Home to go- ready-made meals

Customers can buy ready-made meals on Fridays from Campusravita’s Deli-lunch line between 14 and 16. Otherwise the selling of the ready-made meals is based on orders made beforehand. You can find the list of the ready-made meals that are being sold on Fridays from our weekly lunch menus.

For now, orders for other weekdays and other possible special products sold on Fridays can be made with forms that you can ask from our counters. You can also make orders via email, in which case it is preferable to notify the desired foods, quantities as well as the date of delivery. Orders via email can be send to ravintola@campusravita.fi. These orders should be made at least three days before the date of delivery, when the ordered food products are from our basic selection. Other special food orders should be sent to us five days before the date of delivery.

You can buy any sweet and savory baked goods from us every day within our opening hours and within the selection and the amounts we carry during that day. Any larger quantities and special products should be ordered as abovementioned.

Ask price informations from ravintola@campusravita.fi.